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General Questions

Is Spotmeup affiliated with Spotify ?
No, Spotmeup is an independent service that is not affiliated with or endorsed by Spotify. SPOTIFY is a registered trademark of Spotify AB.

Can anyone submit their music onto Spotify ?

Both yes and no. We have some minimum requirements; a) Respect Copyright, read more under legal, b) the music must hold studio quality, c) the submitted music must be fairly serious. Lets say you grab the guitar and record a 30 sec clip on your mobile phone, singing in the kitchen while the TV is running at full blast in the background, that is not a serious recording and it will be rejected by Spotmeup. Our goal is to deliver great music to the audience and make Spotify the best place to discover good music.

Do i keep my rights?
Yes, you keep all your rights, 100%.

How much does it cost to upload an album or single?

It's free of charge to upload your album or single. 

Do you charge any monthly or yearly subscription fees, or any upfront fees ?


Do i get paid for streams?

No, since our service is a free service our payout model is very limited. There's no streaming compensation for artists using our service.

I want to remove my album from Spotify, can i take-down an album from spotify?
You can remove your music for free anytime. Press on the remove music button under my account, enter the artist name and the album/single title, thats it! Your removal will be processed immediately. Please note that it can take up to 14 days until the removal will be reflected in the Spotify app.

Accepted Audio Formats
We accept the most common audio formats, such as wav, aiff, mp3, m4a, mp4, Aac, flac.
If you upload mp3, m4a, mp4 or other compressed audio format, the minimum accepted bit rate is 320 Kb/s

How many songs can an Album hold ?
It depends on the average length of the songs. The total playing time of the songs cannot be exceeded 74 min.

Album Cover Size

800x800px or higher
Allowed file formats : ANY

Do i need UPC and ISRC?

No you don't. You can just leave the fields empty when you upload your music.

How long does it take before my music shows up on Spotify?
It normally takes around 7 -14 working days. In rare cases, up to 4 weeks.

Legal Questions

Why do I need to approve the user agreement?

In order to use the Spotmeup service, it is vital that you have understood and approved the terms and conditions in the user agreement. If you have not understood and agreed to the terms and conditions the user agreement, we can unfortunately not offer our service to you.

Am I liable for the content that I submit?
Under law, you are in every sense liable for all the content you submit, this includes music, pictures, meta-data and any other material uploaded by you. This means that Spotmeup, our partners, or any other third party can take legal actions against you if you infringe any intellectual property right or any other right of the given parties. We take copyright infringement very seriously.

Why do I have to certify I am the rights holder?
Spotmeup must guarantee to our partners that we have licensed the rights to distribute the content in the territories specified in the meta-data, otherwise they cannot stream or sell the music in the given territories. If you can’t guarantee that you are the rights holder then we cannot guarantee to our partners that we have licensed the rights and thereby they cannot stream or sell your music in Spotify.

What will happen if I am not the rights holder?
Certifying that you are the rights holder when you are not is a criminal act and may result in legal actions against you, from our partners and/or any other third party infringed by you.

What if I have obtained consent from a third person to distribute their content?
If you have obtained all relevant consent from the artist, musicians, producers, mixers and other persons (or entities) involved in the production of the recordings you are fully liable to pay compensation to them. Otherwise they can take legal actions against you.

What if my track is a cover?
If your track is a cover version of a song/lyric for which you are not the author you need obtain consent from the author(s) to use it, otherwise legal actions can be taken against you.

Do I need to clear using samples from others music?
Yes. Any samples that you want to use in any way must be cleared with the rights holder before you are allowed to use it.

What if I am not the artist but represent the artist?
If you have a legally binding and valid agreement with the artist to which the artist has granted you the all the necessary rights you have the power to enter into an agreement with Spotmeup. Although, in case of termination of the agreement with the artist you must immediately terminate the agreement with Spotmeup otherwise you are committing infringement.

What can my music not contain?
Your music is not allowed to contain anything that might infringe the Criminal Act in any part of the territory. This includes, but is not limited to, infringement or instigation of rebellion, persecution of an ethnic group, child pornography or unlawful description of violence. Your music can neither include material that is obscene or defamatory of any person.

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