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Spotmeup - upload your own band's music to spotify

With Spotmeup you can easily put your music on Spotify.
Create your account, upload your music and there you go,
your music on its way to Spotify.

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Signup, its free and painless!

Free Spotify Distribution

We love simple

Easy is our motto! 1 Register, 2 upload your music and there you go!

Forget about complicated services around the web. At Spotmeup, you don't have to be a tech nerd to get your songs up on Spotify.

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Easy Spotify Distribution for artists and musicians.

Simple Management

Share or upload

You can either choose to upload your music through our website
or share your music using Dropbox. If you are a Dropbox user,
you can simply share your music folder with Spotmeup and we
will take care of the rest.

Upload or share your music using dropbox, your choice!

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Dropbox is Compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices.

Dropbox Support

Put Music on Spotify



Say Hello to Spotmeup

Spotmeup is the most loved Spotify upload tool available. Its not really strange, we make it possible for anyone who is serious about making music to get their music up on Spotify. Music artists, rock band or maybe just a solo singer, its time to liberate your music!







Share Your Music




Share Your Music

Spotify is definitively a good place to be when it comes to promote your music. New bands have had great success reaching out to fans they never thought could have existed thanks to Spotify. Upload your music to Spotify and get exposure by reaching out to millions of listeners, get discovered, engage fans and give them a reason to buy your music and go to see your concerts.

Thanks to the new and improved sharing features in Spotify it's now easier than ever to share your music with your fans!








Use Spotmeup with Dropbox



Dropbox Support

Spotmeup was made with one goal in mind, it should be super easy to use. Uploading your music is really easy, just add your songs and press upload. You can either choose to upload your music through our website or share your music using Dropbox. If you are a Dropbox user, you can simply share your music folder with Spotmeup and we will take care of the rest.

Spotmeup Blog

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We are closing

After three amazing years, we regret to inform you that Spotmeup will no longer be available after 31 Aug, 2014. Over the last year, the popularity of our service has...

Spotmeup Support Comments(17) 09 Jan 2014 Hits:5661 Blog

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Happy New Year!

We wish you a Happy New year 2014! Please note that Spotmeup will be closed for the New Year's holidays, from Tuesday December 31, 2013 to Sunday 05 January, 2014....

Customer Support Comments(1) 31 Dec 2013 Hits:3266 Blog

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Catching up

We are finally catching up with the delivery delay we have been experiencing for the last months, hurray! Things should go back to normal from Wednesday 04 Dec, around 02:00PM....

Customer Support Be the first to comment! 02 Dec 2013 Hits:3622 Blog

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Server Maintenance

Music upload is temporarily unavailable due to a planned maintenance, this also includes the dropbox sharing feature. Music upload will be available again around 6:00pm, Monday 02 Dec. Reviews and...

Customer Support Be the first to comment! 28 Nov 2013 Hits:3621 Blog

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Brief update

Ok, lets face it, we are not good at blogging, not at all! It has been approximately 4 months since we posted something on our blog. But, in all honesty,...

Customer Support Comments(9) 14 Jun 2013 Hits:6175 Blog

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Spotify hits Win8

A beta version of Spotify is now available for Windows 8,  get the app now!

Customer Support Comments(1) 11 Feb 2013 Hits:7007 Blog

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Downloads and purchases

Spotify is no longer offering downloads and purchases. When trying to buy tracks, you are met with the notice: "We're no longer supporting new download purchases on Spotify.".  If this...

Customer Support Be the first to comment! 06 Jan 2013 Hits:8750 Blog

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Happy Holidays

Spotmeup will be closed for the winter holidays from Saturday, December 22, 2012, to Tuesday, January 1, 2013. You can still leave messages using the tickets and we will get...

Spotmeup Support Comments(2) 21 Dec 2012 Hits:6255 Blog

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Spotify - Web based version

Spotify in your web browser? A browser based version of Spotify will soon see the light of day, hopefully already in October month this year. This is great news for...

Customer Support Comments(1) 19 Sep 2012 Hits:9551 Blog

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Better sharing in Spotify

Spotify Play Button, UpdateYou can now get Play Buttons codes directly from Spotify: Right click on any album, playlist or track and select “Copy Embed Code” to get embeddable HTML...

Spotmeup Comments(1) 19 May 2012 Hits:8977 Blog

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Get a Spotify Play Button

  Sharing just got easier. Get the new streaming music widget & add a Spotify...

Spotmeup Comments(1) 09 Apr 2012 Hits:15089 Blog

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Website Maintenance

We are currently updating our website and doing maintenance on our server. So things may look a bit odd until we are finished.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause...

Spotmeup Be the first to comment! 26 Mar 2012 Hits:10910 Blog

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Spotify launches in Germany

Finally launched in Germany. The service was previously only available in 9 countries, including France and the UK, but with Germany being the third largest music market in...

Spotmeup Be the first to comment! 18 Mar 2012 Hits:14775 Blog

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Feedback and new features

Thank you for all your feedback. Wow, we are overwhelmed with all the new customers lately, we are really excited. New releases will be posted on our blog today so...

Customer Support Comments(4) 08 Jan 2012 Hits:13664 Blog

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Spotify Releases Week 49

More music...more music...! This is the "week 49" release set, as we did get so much music this month i have randomly picked a couple of releases. Have a great...

Spotmeup Be the first to comment! 27 Dec 2011 Hits:10488 Blog

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